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3000ft. Deployable Wireless PTZ Camera with 6ft. Tripod Mast System

3000ft. Deployable Wireless PTZ Camera with 6ft. Tripod Mast System

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3000ft. Deployable Wireless PTZ Camera with 6ft. Tripod Mast System

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Our Deployable PTZ Camera systems provide ultra-low latency HD wireless video over 3000 feet clear-line-of-sight range.  The WIP5G-3000-36XPTZ-6ft. is identical to our WIP5G-36X3000-PTZ-18ft. except we provide a 6ft. Heavy Duty Tripod vs the 18ft.Pneumatic Heavy Duty Folding Tripod mast.

These systems provide excellent performance for almost any remote surveillance or monitoring application.  The systems are completely turn-key stand alone wireless video solutions for quick setup for Plug & Play use.  The 6ft. Heavy Duty Folding Tripod Mast provides the ultimate solution for Endzone Cameras, Undercover Police Cameras, Construction Site Cameras and many more.


the system includes:


3000ft. Line-of-Sight Ultra-low Latency Wireless Video Transmitter & Receiver

Weatherproof Pelican Style Case for Transmitter with Internal 11Amp Rechargeable Battery Pack, providing 9 hours of continous use.

Battery Pack can be expanded for extended use

Custom removeable tripod mounting setup for Transmitter Case / PTZ Camera unit 

6ft. Heavy Duty Folding Tripod Mast for Transmitter / Camera unit

includes heavy duty weatherproof carry bag

36X 2MP PTZ Camera with 275ft. IR Nigh Vision

6ft. Heavy Duty Folding Tripod Mast, Custom Removable Tripod Mounting System for Receiver – LCD setup with easy hold Hand-Grips,

On-Off switch, V-Mount Plate with 10Ah V-Mount Battery & AC Charger, Sun-Screen Hood for LCD 

HDMI video output for use with 2nd larger monitor if required


Our Deployable Camera Systems are

the perfect solution for: 

Construction Site Surveillance Cameras        

Apartment Building Security Cameras     

Parking Lot Surveillance Cameras    

Tactical Video Surveillance    

Marina Surveillance Cameras    

Warehouse Surveillance Cameras   

Apartment Complex Surveillance    

Rapid Deployment Camera Systems    

Wireless Entry Gate Cameras    

Self Storage Surveillance Cameras    

Auto Dealership Surveillance Cameras    

Aggregate Plant Cameras    

Railway Surveillance Cameras    

Cannabis Farm Surveillance Cameras    

Oil & Gas Surveillance Cameras    

Wireless Ranch Cameras

Why choose Wireless Video Cameras for your Security  Camera and Surveillance Camera solutions? 


We provide wireless PTZ camera systems when running cables is  not an option or too expensive.  Our systems are Plug & Play for easy installation.  We offer Fixed Cameras with motorized zoom or PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) Cameras with up to 36X zoom. All these cameras can be controlled remotely at your viewing location.   The  Weatherproof cameras all include  Infra-Red Night Vision, with ranges up to 275ft.  We offer point-to-point and point-to-multipoint  HD Long Range Wireless Video Systems  from 500ft. to over 5-mile Clear-Line-of- Sight ranges.  With over 20 years of experience, we will provide you with the best solution at the lowest price.. Our Wireless Video Systems are stand-alone systems and do not require Internet for viewing at Receiver location. If High-Speed Internet is available at your viewing location, our systems can be setup for Smart-Phone or Remote viewing worldwide.  Lifetime technical support from is standard with all our equipment, for your peace of mind.