Wireless Wildlife
Camera Systems

Wireless Wildlife Camera Systems can provide an amazing experience for nature lovers. All our systems are custom made stand alone set ups from 500ft. to over 5 miles Clear-Line-of-Sight range. These Full 1080 HD Wireless Video Systems operate on 12VDC or AC power so using solar with rechargeable batteries is no problem. Wireless Video Cameras.com can provide expert knowledge in assisting with your solar charging battery systems as well. For the DIY customer separate components may be purchased to provide an end user built system. Unlike other systems available on the market ours require no Internet or Cell Phone connection. If High Speed Internet is available at your Wireless Video Receiver end, then using a router can enable Live-Streaming worldwide.

We offer several camera options from Fixed Cameras with 3X motorized zoom lens to 20X, 30X or 36X PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) Cameras which are fully controlled remotely at the viewing location for Panning, Tilting or Zooming through the NVR (network video recorder). Each Transmitter & Receiver system will support up to 4 (2MP) ONVIF compatible cameras, for different viewing angles if required. All the equipment is weatherproof and designed for long life in outdoor use.

Wildlife Camera Systems Examples

  • Plug & Play Wireless Video Camera Systems for easy installation
  • The video from our system is Live Real-Time Full 1080 HD or 4K, NVR (network video recorder) will provide 24/7 recording with storage options for weeks or months at a time
  • No Internet or Cell Phone service required, our systems are completely stand alone. High-Speed Internet is only required for Live-Streaming using an Internet router connected to our NVR
  • Equipment operates on 12VDC or AC power 110/220VAC for use will solar powered rechargeable battery systems.
  • Pole Mount & Wall Mount hardware is included with all our equipment
  • Each system is custom made to order to provide you exactly what you need
  • DIY customers can purchase only the components they require for their own custom set up
  • Each Transmitter & Receiver system will support up to 4 (2MP) ONVIF compatible IP cameras
  • All our cameras have Infra-red Night Vision for viewing in total darkness
  • Systems are available in 5.8Ghz or 2.4Ghz for multiple systems in the same area use, if required
  • Channel selection via dip switches, unlike other systems which require programming
  • We offer excellent customer support to make your project easy
  • Systems are great for almost any wildlife viewing application

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