Collection: Wireless Video Systems - Wireless PTZ Data Links

Wireless PTZ Data Links for remote PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) function control any RS-485 PTZ camera wirelessly up to 7 miles away. Our 900Mhz Wireless PTZ Data Links are perfect for use with any PTZ Camera that requires an RS-485 Wireless Data Link.

The systems are for point to point applications or point to multi-point supporting up to 25 cameras and are Plug & Play for easy installation. For existing customers using our Wireless PTZ Data Links that require extra units, single-unit systems are available for purchase (ML-D900- S).

Note a minimum of 2 systems are required for any application. The ML-D900-7 includes 2 Transceiver units which are available in non-weatherproof versions for indoor use (Table-top option) or our standard Weatherproof versions installed in NEMA-4 Weatherproof.

Enclosures with adjustable pole mount brackets. All systems include AC to 12VDC power supplies and custom RS-485 and power cables up to 100ft. If Wireless Video is required for your Composite Video, Analog, or CVBS CCTV RS-485 PTZ Camera, the Wireless PTZ Data Links can be used with our 5.8 GHz Long Range Video Systems or our 2.4 GHz Digital Video Systems.

If your RS-485 PTZ Camera requiring Wireless Video is HD-SDI or HDMI, then use our HD-SDI HDMI Transmitters Receivers.

If you have an application where running cables is not an option or too expensive, we can help. All our products come with our over 20 years of experience and Life-Time technical support.

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