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MiniLink Single 900 MHz 7 Mile Range PTZ Data Control Link

MiniLink Single 900 MHz 7 Mile Range PTZ Data Control Link

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ML D900-7-S- Single- 7Mile Range - 900MHz Long Range PTZ Control Data Link - Includes 1 link ONLY (camera unit) Weatherproof Enclosure with power mount bracket and 12VDC power supply

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MiniLink Single 900 MHz 7 Mile Range PTZ Data Control Link


NOTE: this is a single unit ONLY, requires 2 units to operate as wireless RS485 Data Control Link

– Outdoor line-of-sight range up to 7 miles (longer ranges are achievable with high
gain yagi antenna)
– Outstanding receiver sensitivity (-110 dBm @ 9600 bps)
– Adjustable power output from 100 mW to 1 W;
up to 4 W EIRP (with 6 dB antenna)
– Low power consumption for power-sensitive applications
- Pin, serial port and cyclic sleep modes available
– Streaming, acknowledged and multi-transmit modes
– Easy out-of-the box operation — no configuration
– Durable industrial grade enclosure

INDOOR/URBAN RANGE (W/ 2.1 DB DIPOLE ANTENNA)* Up to 1000 feet (305 m) OUTDOOR RF LINE-OF-SIGHT RANGE (W/ 2.1 DB DIPOLE ANTENNA)* Up to 9 miles (14 km) OUTDOOR RF LINE-OF-SIGHT RANGE (W/ HIGH-GAIN ANTENNA)* Up to 40 miles (64 km) TRANSMIT POWER OUTPUT (SOFTWARE SELECTABLE) 100 mW - 1 W (20 - 30 dBm) INTERFACE DATA RATE 10 - 230,400 bps (including non-standard baud rates) RF DATA RATE 10 Kbps to 125 Kbps RECEIVER SENSITIVITY -110 dBm (@9,600 bps throughput data rate), -100 dBm (@115,200 bps) POWER REQUIREMENTS SUPPLY VOLTAGE 7 - 28V 7 - 28V RECEIVE CURRENT 110 mA 100 mA (Self Power) TRANSMIT CURRENT Up to 580 mA 88 - 480 mA PIN SLEEP POWER-DOWN 18 mA 17 mA IDLE CURRENT (VARIOUS CYCLIC SLEEP INTERVALS) 19 - 39 mA 21 - 35 mA (Self Power) SERIAL PORT SLEEP POWER-DOWN 45mA 45mA GENERAL CONNECTION OPTIONS RS-232/422/485, DB-9 USB DIMENSIONS (L X W X H) 2.75 in x 5.50 in x 1.13 in (6.99 cm x 13.97 cm x 2.86 cm) When install in Weatherproof Enclosure Dimensions are 11" X 7.5" X 5" WEIGHT 7.10 oz (200 g) 7.10 oz (200 g) OPERATING TEMPERATURE -40º C to 85º C (industrial) 0º C to 70º C (commercial) ANTENNA OPTIONS RPSMA (Reverse Polarity SMA) RPSMA (Reverse Polarity SMA) IMPEDANCE 50 ohms unbalanced 50 ohms unbalanced NETWORKING & SECURITY OPERATING FREQUENCY ISM 902 - 928 MHz SPREAD SPECTRUM FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) MODULATION FSK (Frequency Shift Keying) SUPPORTED NETWORK TOPOLOGIES Peer-to-Peer (no master/slave dependencies), Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint CHANNEL CAPACITY 10 hop sequences share 50 frequencies ENCRYPTION 256-bit AES Encryption (AES algorithm meets Federal Information Processing Standard-197 (FIPS-197))