Apartment Complex Surveillance

Apartment Complex Surveillance

Real-Time video surveillance from Wireless Video Cameras.com

Can cameras work without WiFi or Internet ?  

HD Long Range Wireless Video Systems

from Wireless Video Cameras.com are Stand Alone systems that will help you with your  Apartment Complex Surveillance requirements without using WiFi or Internet.  Our systems are custom made to order, easy to install, Plug and Play wireless security camera systems.  For Smart-Phone or remote viewing the NVR (network video recorder) is connected to your High Speed Internet for Real-Time video surveillance.  The equipment can be AC powered or work with 12VDC Battery systems charged by Solar Panels and/or Wind Turbines.  Whether you require a single camera setup or multiple cameras in multiple areas we have a solution.

Apartment Complex Surveillance


Over 20 years experience providing wireless video for

Apartment Complex Surveillance

  • Wireless Security Camera Systems
  • Wireless Surveillance Camera Systems
  • Housing Project Security Cameras
  • Multi Family Building Surveillance Cameras
  • Apartment Building Security Cameras
  • Wireless Video Cameras

Apartment Complex Surveillance


Why choose Wireless Video Cameras?

  • We provide wireless apartment complex surveillance cameras when running cables is too expensive or not an option.
  • Our systems are Plug & Play for easy installation.
  • We offer Fixed Cameras with motorized zoom or PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) Cameras with up to 44X      All these cameras can be controlled remotely at your viewing location. 
  • All our Cameras are Weatherproof with Infra-Red Night Vision ranges up to 490ft. in total darkness.
  • Our HD Long Range Wireless Video Systems are available from 500ft. to over 5 mile Clear-Line-of-Sight ranges.  Repeaters are available for longer ranges or Non-Line-of-Sight applications.
  • With over 20 years experience we will provide you the best solution at the lowest price.
  • Our Wireless Video Systems are stand alone systems and do not require Internet for viewing at the Receiver location.  If High Speed Internet is available at your viewing location our systems can be setup for Smart-Phone or Remote viewing worldwide.
  • All our systems come with life time technical support from Wireless Video Cameras.com.



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