Our HD-SDI HDMI Transmitters & Receivers are the perfect solution for any application requiring full 1080p HD video.   Our latest WVC-HD-3000 system can transmit full 1080p HD wireless video over 3000ft. clear-line-of-sight range.   The system has SDI and HDMI inputs for the Transmitter and SDI and HDMI outputs for the Receiver.  The Receiver unit can use both of these outputs at the same time for 2 full 1080p HD video displays.  The Transmitter can use either SDI or HDMI with SDI having top priority if 2 devices are plugged in at the same time.  HD-SDI HDMI Transmitters & Receivers provide full 1080p HD wireless video solutions for almost any clear-line-of-sight applications such as mobile cameras, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) and point to point video links.   The Transmitter is lightweight (only 8oz.) and compact for use with steadicam systems as well.   HD-SDI HDMI Transmitters & Receivers from Wi Vid Wireless Video Cameras use technology providing some of the lowest video latency on the market (>1ms).  This makes the systems ideal for live broadcast of full 1080p HD video or on set HD video requiring real-time wireless video.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information on Wireless Video Transmitters and HD-SDI HDMI Receivers.