Long Range Wireless Video Systems

Our 5.8 Ghz Long Range Wireless Video Systems provide Plug & Play solutions where running cabling is not possible or is too expensive.  These 5.8 Ghz Long Range Video Systems are custom made to fit your exact requirements to save you time and money.  The wireless video transmitters and receivers are the perfect fit for almost any long range wireless video application from 300 ft. to 40 miles clear-line-of-sight range.  These systems are ideal for CCTV security, video surveillance and other fixed camera applications with no programming required.   Each system is Plug & Play and includes a Weatherproof 5.8Ghz Wireless Video Transmitter & Receiver, pole mounting hardware, power supplies and standard 30ft. coax video/power cables for each unit  for easy trouble-free installation.  Free Life-Time technical support is available with all our products. Wireless Video 101

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Since each of our systems is custom built to order the 5.8 Ghz Long Range Wireless Video Systems can be built with hard-wired Outdoor Rated  Coax & 12VDC Power cables available in lengths from 5 ft. to 100 ft. for either the Wireless Video Transmitter or Receiver and/or both units.   The Transmitter cables are manufactured with Siamese Coax/Power cables that can power you camera as well.  We can also install Internal Pigtails cables for CCTV security camera installers who would like to use their own RG-59 coax cabling or video baluns using CAT-5 or twisted pair cabling.  All the systems operate on 12VDC so there is no problem using solar powered battery systems.  The optional Quad Screen View video multiplexers can be used applications requiring up to 4 cameras to connect to the Transmitter. (Note: this will only supply a Quad Screen View, Sequential Camera View or Split Screen View).  If you require Multiple Cameras with Full Screen Viewing or Full 1080 HD then see our HD Long Range Wireless Video Systems   Our HD Long Range Wireless Video Systems may be a better option for your application.   If you need assistance with your project we are always here to help.  Please see our CONTACT US and send us an email or call us at 800-790-8451.