We offer a wide range Wireless Video Solutions for almost any video application where running cabling is not an option.

We provide you a low cost custom designed Wireless Video Solutions.

Since every unit is made to order we can provide the best product for your requirements.

Available with weatherproof enclosures for harsh environments or portable systems for mobile uses.

Plug and Play for easy installation our Wireless Video Solutions will save you time and money on your next

project requiring wireless video.

  The applications listed below are only a small sample of our Wireless Video Solutions. When running cables is too expensive or not an option, we will provide the most cost effective Wireless Video Solutions that meet or exceed your requirements Please click the CONTACT US or call us at 800-790-8451 discuss any project requiring Wireless Video Solutions.

Property Management Surveillance

Warehouse Wireless Surveillance

UGV Wireless Video

Tactical Video Systems

Wireless Barn Cameras

Wireless Ranch Cameras

Wireless Farm Cameras

Wireless Body Worn Cameras

Parking Lot Wireless Cameras

Wireless Calving Cameras

Wireless Foaling Cameras

Apartment Building Security Cameras

Construction Site Surveillance Cameras

Self Storage Surveillance Cameras

Wireless Crane Cameras

Wireless Tugboat Cameras

Wireless Entry Gate Cameras

Wireless Tactical PTZ Cameras

Rugged PTZ Cameras

Heavy Equipment Wireless Cameras

For Zero Latency wireless video transmitters and receivers there are only a few options. After
some research we found WirelessVideoCameras.com Their staff and RF knowledge is first
class and extremely helpful in providing the right solutions for our business. Custom products
are also available when we need extra range or special projects arise. Thanks again for your
great service.


Dana W. Chicago, IL

WirelessVideoCameras.com provided our company with several custom made to order wireless
PTZ Camera portable setups. The systems worked great right out of the box and were Plug &
Play just as advertised. We later purchased their 18ft. Folding Pneumatic Tripod Mast and can
achieve wireless full HD video with PTZ control over 5miles clear-line-of-sight range.

Dennis, I. Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Being a CCTV installer for over 15 years we have tried plenty of wireless video products. Your
systems are the only one's we will use. The systems are as advertised and your tech support
helps us design systems for our customers. Please let me know if you need a reference and we
will be happy to speak to anyone about your wireless video equipment.

Anthony K. Ridgewood, NJ

We operate a large ranch in Montana. Calving season has always been challenge for us being
able to keep an eye on our livestock. A friend recommended WirelessVideoCameras.com for
our 27/7 real time video monitoring. After purchasing 1 system with great results we now have
an 8 Camera setup. This has saved us thousands and we couldn’t be happier.

Kevin S. Montana

Our company has purchased wireless video equipment in the past. We have always had
problems with any wireless video solutions we have tried. WirelessVideoCameras.com has
been terrific, providing Plug & Play solutions and excellent customer support. They are now
our one stop shop for any wireless video requirements.

David H. Miami, FL