Zero Latency Wireless Video

Zero Latency Wireless Video

Long Range Zero Latency Wireless Cameras from Wireless Video

How to wirelessly view a live event in real time ?

HD SDI HDMI Transmitters and Receivers from Wireless Video

Zero Latency Wireless Video is the answer. Our Zero Latency Wireless Video systems are HD-SDI HDMI Transmitters and Receivers which provide rock-solid Zero Delay (latency) Full HD wireless video from 500ft. to over 2.5 miles Clear-Line-of-Sight ranges.

The WVC-HD2000 and WVC-HD-3000 systems are Plug and Play wireless video transmitters and receivers with 10 fixed channel settings. 1 Transmitter can send its live video signal to an unlimited number of Receivers.

This provides and prefect solution for live broadcasts where cables are difficult or impossible to run to your video output location. The systems can be powered by 12VDC Battery systems or via AC power using our 12VDC power supplies with adapter cable.

We offer customized systems as well with power amplifiers, high gain panel antennas and weatherproof pole mounted enclosures for the perfect solution for your live broadcast event.

Zero Latency Wireless Video

Over 20 years experience providing Wireless Video Cameras for;

• Wireless SDI Transmitter

• Wireless HDMI Receiver

• Wireless SDI Receiver

• Wireless HDMI Transmitter

• No Delay Wireless Video

• Ultra Low Latency Wireless Video

• Wireless Video Cameras


Why choose Wireless Video Cameras?

• We provide Zero Latency Wireless Video when running cables is too expensive or not an option.

• Our systems are Plug & Play for easy installation.

• Optional High Gain Panel Antennas, Power Amplifiers, Pole Mounted Weatherproof Enclosures and customization for unique applications.

• Our HD-SDI HDMI Transmitters and Receivers are Long Range Wireless Video Systems with ranges from 500ft. to over 2.5 mile Clear-Line-of-Sight (with optional amplifier and high gain antenna).

• 10 Fixed Channels for frequency selection versus competitors wireless video systems that use unreliable frequency hopping in congested RF (radio frequency) venues.

• With over 20 years experience we will provide you the best solution at the lowest price.

• Our Wireless Video Systems are stand alone systems and do not require Internet for viewing at the Receiver location.

• All our systems come with lifetime technical support from Wireless Video


HD-SDI HDMI Transmitters Receivers



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