Our HD Long Range Wireless Video Systems provide Plug & Play solutions where running cabling is not possible or is too expensive.  These Full 1080 HD Systems are custom made to fit your exact requirements to save you time and money.  The wireless video transmitters and receivers are the perfect fit for almost any long range wireless video application from 500 ft. to 5 miles clear-line-of-sight range.

Multiple systems may be used in the same area for applications requiring a large number of cameras.  Since each system can be set on a different frequency multiple systems can coexist in even the most challenging RF environments.  Our HD Long Range Wireless Video System will support almost all ONVIF compatible IP cameras, Fixed, Motorized Zoom Lens or PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom).  This provides excellent real-time remote control of your cameras from a central location.

For Non-Line-of-Sight applications multiple systems may be used to achieve Clear-Line-of-Sight to accomplish your goal.

The Plug & Play Weatherproof systems are available in 5.8Ghz for Clear-Line-of-Line applications or 2.4Ghz versions for Near-Line-of-Sight applications (a few trees or obstructions, consult with us for more details).

Each system includes 1 Transmitter,  1 Receiver, pole mounting hardware and power supplies for easy trouble-free installation.  We can supply made to order outdoor rated Ethernet cables up to 100ft. if required or you can make or use your own.

The equipment can be powered from any 110/220VAC or 12VDC source any remote applications where only solar or wind power is available.  Free Life-Time technical support is available with all our products.