Wireless Video Systems

Our wireless video systems are a perfect way to send virtually any video signal to a video display or DVR when running cables is not an option.  These wireless video systems are custom made to order and provide a cost effective solution for your video application.   Wi Vid Wireless Video Cameras offers a wide range of wireless video systems designed for security surveillance cameras, mobile broadcast cameras and hundreds of other uses where it is impractical or too expensive to run cabling.  Let us supply you with the right solution for your for your next project with one of our state of the art wireless video systems .  With over 20 years of experience and expertise in the industry we can design the optimum solution for almost any industry looking for surveillance to improve security or any application requiring wireless video systems .

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Wi Vid Wireless Video Cameras offers COFDM Transmitters and Receivers which provide rock solid wireless video for UAV, GAV, broadcast cameras, mobile cameras, police, military and virtually any mobile camera applications that require  stable real-time wireless video systems.  Our COFDM Transmitters and Receivers also provide excellent wireless video solutions in non-line-of-sight applications.    For fixed camera wireless video systems we can offer our 5.8 Ghz Long Range Video Systems for clear-line-of-sight ranges from 300 ft. to 40 miles.  If your budget can’t support our COFDM Transmitters and Receivers a lower cost option may be our 2.4 Ghz Digital Video Systems.  These units provide an excellent alternative for mobile camera applications with clear-line-of-sight ranges from 5oo ft. to 2 miles.  For wireless video systems require PTZ pan-tilt-zoom our Wireless PTZ Data Links can control the pan tilt zoom functions of most PTZ cameras.  The systems are for point to point and point to multi point applications and can control up to 25 PTZ cameras in the same area.  Ranges are available from 7 to 20 miles clear-line-of-sight.  For close range indoor applications our Indoor Wireless Video Systems can achieve excellent results in buildings with an open floor plan without too many walls.  If your building has several walls or is mainly a non-line-of-sight project then our 2.4 Ghz Digital Video Systems or our COFDM Transmitters and Receivers may be your only option.  Please feel free to contact us to assist you with any project requiring wireless video systems.  For the hobbyist using aerial radio controlled airplanes,  helicopters, blimps and others we offer our RC Airborne Video Downlinks.  These systems offer a low cost option for receiving a real-time video signal from your aircraft from 2 to 25 miles clear-line-of-sight.