Our Wireless PTZ Data Links are the perfect answer for wireless PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) function control of most any PTZ camera.   The Wireless PTZ Data Links provide point to point or point to multi point wireless system control from 7 miles to 20miles clear-line-of-sight range.  These 900Mhz Wireless PTZ Data Links support up to 25 cameras in the same general area and are Plug & Play for easy installation.  Each Wireless PTZ Data Links system includes a complete base and camera unit or when using point to multi point additional PTZ cameras only require a single camera unit.

The Wireless PTZ Data Links are housed in weatherproof enclosures for use in the most extreme environments.  Pole mounting brackets, power supplies and option J-Pole mounts are included with each system.  All the units are powered by 12VDC for use with any battery powered solar system or using the supplied 12VDC to 110/220VAC power supplies for use with AC outlets.  When used with any of our wireless video systems the Wireless PTZ Data Links can upgrade standard fixed camera locations to PTZ camera locations in a matter of minutes.  The baud rates and data formats are factory set, so if you are supplying your own PTZ camera please consult with our technical support specialists before ordering so we can set all the parameters of the system before you make your purchase.  We only need to know the data format and baud rate which is usually seen upon self test of most PTZ cameras or can be found in the PTZ cameras operational manual.  Next time your application requires a PTZ camera save time and money and purchase one of our wireless video systems along with our Wireless PTZ Data Links systems.  All our products come with Free  Life-Time Technical support