There was a time not so long ago that long-range shooters had to have a second set of really expensive glass and typically a friend to call shots are long-range. It turned long-range shooting into a group activity, allowing friends to share experiences, and other sappy things. But, that often communal activity required said friend and in today’s fast-paced world getting schedules to line up is a problem.

As such, and combined with the proliferation of personal electronic devices, a company called TargetVision has stepped into the fore with their TargetVision system. Rather than have pre-linked transmission and base stations, the TargetVision system uses ones said personal electronic device (must be Android or iOS) to link the camera

The TargetVision is a combined platform that combines a tripod, wireless camera, and common personal electronic device (tablet or phone) into a remote shot-spotting system. The two main items offered from TargetVision are the application and the camera, your PED is not included (but the app is free). When linked together, they provide robust capabilities that a common spotting scope would not be able to without pen, paper, and patience.

The TargetVision is offered in three models currently.

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