2.4Ghz 3000ft. Radius Range Weatherproof Digtal OFDM Video Link

2.4Ghz 3000ft. Radius Range Weatherproof Digtal OFDM Video Link


System includes (1) Transmitter, (1) Receiver, (2) AC Power Supply,  (2) Adjustable Pole Mount Brackets and  1-year Warranty & Life-Time Technical Support


2.4Ghz 3000 ft. Radius Range Weatherproof  Digtal OFDM Video Link
NOTE: This system is for NTSC or PAL Composite Video ONLY, does not support AHD or TVI video

(1) Transmitter, (1) Receiver both housed in a NEMA-4 Weatherproof Enclosure with Directional Patch Antenna, Adjustable “L” Bracket for Pole Mounting up to 2″ Pole,  (2) 110/220VAC to 12VDC  2AMP power supplies and setup instructions.  We will supply either Internal Pigtail Cables for using your own RG59 Coax and 12VDC power cables or we can supply standard 30ft. Coax/Power cable from Transmitter to Camera, 30ft. Power cable from Transmitter to power source and 30ft. Coax/Power cable from Receiver to power source and Composite Video output.  All with BNC connectors, for use with most DVR’s or Composite Video TV’s or Monitors.

(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is a technology that transmits multiple signals simultaneously over a single transmission path on a single channel. Each signal travels within its own unique frequency range, carrier, which is modulated by the video, data. The spread spectrum technique distributes the data over a large number of carriers that are spaced apart at precise frequencies. This spacing provides the “orthogonal” in this technique which prevents the demodulators from seeing frequencies other than their own. The benefits of OFDM are high spectral efficiency, resiliency to RF interference, and lower multi-path or reflection, distortion.
  • Plug & Play for easy installation
  • Each system is custom made-to-order, factory pre-set and labeled so there is No Programming required
  • 3000 ft. Clear-Line-of-Sight Range
  • Supports ONLY NTSC or PAL Composite Video
  • (1) 5dBi Rubber Duck type Omni-Directional Antenna for the Transmitter & the Receiver
  • Paired ID  for TX & RX for use of up to 5 systems in the same general area
  • Stereo Audio Option Available, contact us at time of order if you need audio
  • Great for almost any application where running cables is too expensive or not an option
  • All our equipment can be powered by 12VDC  for  Solar, Wind or rechargeable battery applications
  • Multiple systems can be used in the same area without interference
  • Systems use RG59 Coax cable, we can provide Outdoor Rated Cables or you can supply yourself
  • Multiple systems may be used for Non-Line-of-Sight applications to achieve Clear-Line-of-Sight
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Life-Time Technical Support to the original purchasing customer


We recommend to always purchase a system that is at least twice as powerful as the distance you require.  Please see our Wireless Video Basics 101 or contact us via phone or email if you need assistance.  With over 30 years of experience providing Wireless Video Solutions worldwide we can assist you with the design of your project by always giving you the most cost effective solution for your project.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


Technical Specifications:

Shipping Weight:  13 lbs

Transmitter (TX)

Video Input: Composite Video NTSC

Audio Input: Right and Left Channel Stereo (optional)

Antenna: 1 X 5dBi Omni-Directional “rubber duck type” antennas SMA male connector

Receiver (RX)

Video Output: Composite Video NTSC

Audio Output: Right and Left Channel Stereo (optional)

Antenna: 1 X 5dBi Omni-Directional “rubber duck type” antennas SMA male connector

Power Consumption: 750mA @ 12VDC for each TX & RX

Operating Voltage 12VDC

Operating Temperature -30F to +150F

Transmission Power Up to 26dBm

Receiver Sensitivity -85dBm

Frequency 2.4Ghz

Video Bit Rate 6Mbps

Video Latency less than 0.25 seconds

System Security Transmitter & Receiver must be paired to matching ID

Modulation OFDM

Range Tested at over 3000 feet (line-of-sight) radius @ 10ft. elevation

Weatherproof NEMA-4 PVC Enclosure    Size 5.5″ X 5.5″ X 3.5″ Adjustable L-Bracket for up to 2″ pole mounting

Weight 48oz. (50oz. with antenna)

Optional Table-Top (indoor) version

Weight 16oz. (18oz. with antenna)

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