Mobile News & Broadcast Systems provide rock solid wireless video using our  COFDM Wireless Video Transmitters & Receivers with true diversity receiver systems.  These wireless Mobile News & Broadcast Systems are perfect for any mobile wireless video application.   COFDM transmitter and receiver systems are available in 100mW to 1 Watt transmission power with optional 1 Watt to 20 Watt  external power amplifiers for maximum performance environments.

Our Mini TX system is one of the smallest COFDM transmitters on the market.  Credit card sized and 1 inch thick it weighs only 168 grams.  We also offer our Model 1 systems and our Model 2 system which comes standard with a 1 Watt COFDM transmitter.  All our COFDM wireless Mobile News & Broadcast Systems are available in frequency ranges from 300Mhz to 6Ghz.  The systems have 2 video compression options JPEG2000 with >80ms latency and 8Mhz bandwidth and H.264 video compression with >200ms latency and bandwidth options from 1Mhz to 8Mhz.  Due the video latency we suggest JPEG2000 video compression for  most live broadcast applications.  The >80ms latency is not detectable by the human eye so you can achieve virtually real-time video for applications that can not accept video delay.  The downside of this option is that it is video only.  If you require video and audio for your Mobile News & Broadcast Systems, we suggest of H.264 video compression with >200ms latency.  Since all our systems are custom made to order we can custom design frequencies to meet your requirements.  The lower the frequency the better your signal will travel in near-line-of-sight or non-line-of-sight projects.  Since our Mobile News & Broadcast Systems use COFDM diversity receivers we can offer high gain antennas for added signal reception in challenging environments such as urban or inside buildings.  Call us at 800-790-8451 or see the CONTACT US at the top of the page to discuss your project with one of our technical specialist.  COFDM Systems


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