Wireless Elevator Camera Systems

We offer Wireless Elevator Camera Systems for almost any elevator application. The perfect set up for an in-car elevator camera traveling up and down a few stories high to skyscrapers over 100 stories high. Our custom designed systems will meet or exceed your requirements providing real-time Full 1080 HD or 4K video to your NVR (network video recorder). “When running cables is too expensive or not an option” we can provide the ideal solution.

Elevator Camera View
These Full 1080 HD Wireless Video Systems operate on 12VDC or AC power so using solar with rechargeable batteries is no problem. Wireless Video Cameras.com can provide expert knowledge in assisting with your solar charging battery systems as well. We offer several camera options from Fixed Cameras with 3X motorized zoom lens to 20X, 30X or 36X PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) Cameras which are fully controlled remotely at the viewing location for Panning, Tilting or Zooming through the NVR (network video recorder). Each Transmitter & Receiver system will support up to 4 (2MP) ONVIF compatible cameras, for different viewing angles if required. All the equipment is weatherproof and designed for long life in outdoor use.
elevator camera system

In the image above the Transmitter is mounted on the bottom of the Elevator Car and the Receiver is mounted in the Pit Area at ground level. The Transmitter is hard-wired to the Camera inside the Elevator Car and both are hard-wired to either 12VDC or AC power. The Receiver is hard-wired to the NVR for realtime viewing or storage of the in-car elevator camera.

Alternatively the Transmitter can be mounted on the top of the Elevator Car and the Receiver mounted at the top floor roof level aimed at the Transmitter. The Receiver would then be hard-wired to the NVR for the same real-time viewing or video storage.

Benefits of using Elevator Camera Systems

Wireless Elevator Camera Systems Applications

elevetor cameras

Example of our Wireless Elevator Camera System in a typical installation.

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