Livestock & Birthing Cameras

Livestock & Birthing Cameras protect your precious animals in their most important times. Our Wireless Camera Systems are custom made to order for your exact requirements.  These systems use our state of the art wireless video transmitters and receiver housed in weatherproof enclosures for the most extreme conditions.  Available in clear-line-of-sight ranges from 300ft. to […]

Mobile News & Broadcast

Mobile News & Broadcast Systems provide rock solid wireless video using our  COFDM Wireless Video Transmitters & Receivers with true diversity receiver systems.  These wireless Mobile News & Broadcast Systems are perfect for any mobile wireless video application.   COFDM transmitter and receiver systems are available in 100mW to 1 Watt transmission power with optional 1 […]

TargetVision Wireless Spotting Scope “Marksman”

There was a time not so long ago that long-range shooters had to have a second set of really expensive glass and typically a friend to call shots are long-range. It turned long-range shooting into a group activity, allowing friends to share experiences, and other sappy things. But, that often communal activity required said friend and in […]

A smarter approach to firefighting

Firefighting is a dangerous job. Every year, more than 31,000 firefighters are injured in the United States alone, some of them severely. Moreover, fires lead to roughly 17,000 civilian injuries and fatalities, and property losses of approximately $10 billion. Developing a strategy while en route to the fire With today’s technology, responding fire personnel can […]

Telemetry in Auto Racing

Auto racing, and all broadcast spectator sports for that matter, has changed dramatically in the last decade. Thanks to telemetry, which is a fancy word for remote monitoring, race fans can monitor the individual performance of each racing team and listen in-car chatter with radio scanners or via official subscriptions to wireless data and streaming […]

The Benefits of Choosing a Video Surveillance System

Part of running a business is doing everything you can to protect it, and that includes investing in a high-quality video surveillance system that guards your assets and helps deter would-be criminals. Every business has different needs, and recognizes that. Unlike its competitors, is a true virtual security integrator that utilizes a raft […]

When Should I Choose a Wireless System?

The convenience of a wireless system is tempting when you are purchasing a video surveillance system -you have more flexibility in where you install cameras, and can limit the number of cables you need to run by connecting to the cameras using wifi internet. But do you know how this technology works, and what situations […]