2.4 Ghz Digital Video Systems are ideal for mobile wireless video cameras, vehicle mount cameras or body worn wireless video cameras.  These  2.4 Ghz Digital Video Systems incorporate OFDM (orthogonal-frequency-divsion-multiplexing) with Frequency Hopping Spread-Spectrum Technology for flicker-free video immune to most multi-path or ground plane effect which causes video distortion.  Unlike analog video systems which perform poorly when moving or for applications that may have some obstructions, our 2.4 Ghz Digital Video Systems are ideal for mobile applications or when you may have a few trees or obstacles between the wireless video transmitter and receiver.  The systems are factory paired  for easy setup and deployment.  Since the products are custom made to order we can offer weatherproof wireless video transmitters and receivers or table-top versions for applications that don’t require weather resistance.


The table-top version systems are available in our W24G-1500 systems and our W24G-3000 systems for either a transmitter unit or a receiver unit or both.  These make a perfect setup for mobile wireless video applications like wireless mobile cameras, body worn cameras, in-car race cameras, farm equipment cameras, construction equipment cameras or virtually any camera mounted in or to a non stationary object.  The W24G-1500 and W24G-3000 are both available with omni directional antennas providing 1500 ft. radius range or 3000 ft. radius range making the 2.4 Ghz Digital Video Systems extremely versatile wireless video system.  The systems are Plug & Play for easy installation and include a wireless video transmitter and receiver, power supplies, weatherproof enclosures with adjustable pole mounting brackets and 30 ft. RG-59 coax/power cables for each unit (not included for table-top versions).    Optional directional antennas and custom length cables from 5 ft. to 90 ft. are available.  The W24G-3000-PTZ and W24G-03-PTZ come with a built-in PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) wireless data control unit for and all in one system for PTZ cameras. Free Life-Time technical support with all our products.  Please see our CONTACT US and send us an email if you need assistance with your project or call us at 800-790-8451.